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The commercial compliance and consumer protection sector works to provide a suitable economic environment to practice economic activities in the Emirate of Dubai through field inspections of commercial institutions that aim to insure its compliance to the requirements and regulations of the business practice process which is applicable in the department of economic development in Dubai. This sector not only seeks to protect trademark and agency owners but also provides the best services that support both the trade sector and the consumer.

Intellectual Property Protection

The intellectual property protection department works to protect the owners of registered trademarks and agencies where the concerned party can lodge a complaint of trademark or agency infringement. The department studies the case and takes the necessary measures

As one of the relentless efforts persuaded by the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector towards increasing awareness among merchants & business owners.

CCCP launched “My Trademark” campaign as an initiative to increase awareness among local businesses about trademarks registered at the Intellectual Property Protection Department.

The aim of this campaign is to allow business owners view available registered trademark & as a result help them avoid any sort of selling, dealing or performing any kind of act that would put them in direct contact with counterfeit services/products that might carry the same trademark.

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