Masdar City Abu Dhabi
Masdar City Abu Dhabi

Masdar is on a mission to advance the clean energy industry in Abu Dhabi and around the world, and it is a catalyst for the economic diversification of the emirate.

The Mubadala Development Company, which is owned by the Abu Dhabi government, established Masdar as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2006. Masdar is guided by The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, a programme that drives new sources of income for the emirate and strengthens its knowledge-based economic sectors.

Masdar takes a holistic approach to its organisation, with four business units that are interconnected and a research arm that complements their work. The business units are Masdar Clean Energy, Masdar Special Projects and Masdar City. Masdar Institute, an independent, research-driven graduate university, rounds out the organisation.

With each unit focused on a key component of the value chain, Masdar operates with the broad scope needed to meet the most pressing sustainability challenges of tomorrow. This keeps Masdar at the global forefront of the clean energy industry as we pursue pioneering and commercially viable technologies and systems.

Benefits of Setting Up in Masdar Free Zone

Masdar City offers numerous incentives for entities to establish themselves within the community. The benefits include:

  • The freedom to operate with 100 percent foreign ownership and no partner in the United Arab Emirates;
  • The ability to move capital and profits outside the UAE without restrictions;
  • No import tariffs, corporate taxes or individual taxes;
  • Zero currency restrictions;
  • And a strong framework of intellectual property protection.

Centrally located at the crossroads of the Middle East and Asian markets, with a strong global logistics and transport network, Masdar City also offers businesses a one-stop platform for opening a business. The services include company registration, office leasing and fast-track visa processing in a safe and friendly working environment.

At the Masdar City Free Zone, you are connected to the world.

Investment Opportunities At Masdar City

Located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Masdar City is an economic free zone for sustainable urban development. The city provides a “greenprint” for cities of the future, with traditional Arabic architecture blending seamlessly with state-of-the-art, modern technology to maximise energy efficiency.

Masdar City will host up to 40,000 residents and 50,000 commuters by 2025. This mixed-use development provides a unique, sustainable environment for living and working, with integrated residential and commercial zones that feature food and beverage outlets, along with extensive leisure and entertainment facilities.

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