Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones Corp
Higher corporation for specialized economic zones corp

ZonesCorp – Your Gateway to the Growth Capital – Abu Dhabi

ZonesCorp is a dynamic industrial development organization located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Launched in 2004 by the Abu Dhabi Government, we are the largest operator of purpose-built Economic zones in the United Arab Emirates.

Our zones are organized into vertically integrated clusters in complementary industries that bring upstream and downstream companies together enhancing efficiencies, creating value chain benefits and provide a platform that encourages the incubation of industrial innovation.

Within just ten years, ZonesCorp has helped shape Abu Dhabi’s industrial landscape through the development of world-class, fully integrated economic zones that generate almost half of the manufacturing GDP of the Emirate and play a significant role in Abu Dhabi’s successful attraction of foreign direct investments.. We have invested over US$ 1 billion in infrastructure and over US$ 3 billion in Workers’ Residential Cities,

We have had continuous growth since we started in terms of investors. Our zones currently house over 600 manufacturing facilities that are home to some of the world’s leading industrial players in a variety of sectors. These manufacturers have invested more than $ 8 Billion in their industrial projects within our zones.

Building on our track record and reputation for excellence, ZonesCorp continues to expand with strategically positioned developments across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This expansion will further strengthen our position as the UAE’s economic hub for years to come.


To our investors
We are the economic catalyst that creates abundant and sustainable economic growth opportunities

To the UAE community
We are the economic catalyst that enables social and economic progress in Abu Dhabi

To our employees
We are the economic catalyst that enables social and economic progress in Abu Dhabi providing all ZonesCorp employees with opportunities for growth and personal development

What We Offer

All our zones have been planned and developed to foster a cluster-based industrial ecosystem that creates synergies, enhances efficiency and nurtures growth. Further, each zone caters to specific needs and conditions for a wide range of sectors from steel and engineered metals to food and beverages. The attractive combination of our offerings – prime location, convenient services, low costs, scalable business models, and tax-free operations – have proven irresistible to several hundred manufacturers.

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