Dubai Science Park – DSP
Dubai Science Park - DSP

Dubai Science Park (DSP) is the region’s first freezone community that serves the entire value chain of the science sector, dedicated to supporting scientific Entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinational enterprises.

Designed specifically for the needs of businesses and professionals who work in life sciences, DSP fosters an environment that supports scientific research, creativity, innovation and passion. By providing ample office and laboratory space, a robust infrastructure and a vibrant community for residents, DSP ensures a supportive eco-system for businesses to flourish and bring about sustainable change and improvement to the world around us.


Dubai Science Park offers its Partners state of the art offices in a variety of sizes, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the space that suits their needs. All buildings avail of additional benefits as per convenient parking, various retail options, effective facilities management services and advanced security systems for ease and privacy.

Office Space is available in the Laboratory Complex, the Dubai Science Park Headquarters and the mezzanine offices as a combination with the warehouses.

Dubai Science Park is a complete neighborhood in the heart of Al Barsha where you can live, work and enjoy the sense of community that pervades through its core.


In keeping with its vision and mission, Dubai Science Park has designed laboratory space at the highest global standards. The core and shell spaces are equipped with air exhaust and ventilation systems, an acid resistance drainage, pH neutralization system and other technical features to cater to its community.

The Laboratory Complex serves businesses in the science sector whose activities range from research and product development, testing, diagnostics, manufacturing as well as production. Built to the highest global standards, the eco-friendly Laboratory Complex has received LEED Silver Certification, portraying an environmentally responsible profile.

Nowhere in the region will you find all these scientific facilities grouped together in one convenient neighborhood. With its HQ, warehouses, laboratory complex and residential components all in one area, DSP is a peerless community that supports your company’s and family’s everyday needs.

For more details and technical features of the laboratories, please get in touch with our Business Development Team.

Business Centre

Accommodating for the community’s small and medium-size companies, Dubai Science Park features a valuable Business Centre located within the park. It is specifically equipped for the needs of startup businesses and offers contemporary, furnished offices and open-space workstations to the science sector.

Through the DSP Business Centre, you can efficiently set up business operations in a helpful and professional environment. It provides an all-in-one service to companies who are launching in the science hub. The Business Centre delivers total office solutions; IT and telecom features, 24-hour security, fully furnished and equipped facilities, fast-track visa processing and much more.

For more information about the Business Centre, please get in touch with our Business Development Team.

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