Dubai Flower Centre
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Strategically located at Dubai International Airport, the Dubai Flower Centre is a new hub of growth for the floriculture industry in the 21st century. With the explosive growth in global trade of flowers and perishables, there is an increasing demand for innovative logistics and commercial solutions to enable the industry to reduce transit times, improve quality and grow profits.

  • The Dubai Flower Centre has been designed to meet these needs.
  • The Dubai Flower Centre is committed to delivering on this opportunity by providing:
  • Increased capacity and connections to and from major global trading points
  • Rapid consolidation and trans-shipment
  • The world’s best cool chain management
  • Resources and facilities to enable cost effective value-addition
  • Facilities and support to enable efficient commercial transactions

Dubai Flower Centre was developed to handle flower imports and exports, as Dubai is a major hub for the import and export of flowers and the airport required a specialist facility since these products need special conditions. The flower centre’s first phase was completed in 2004 at a cost of $50 million. The flower centre is not yet finished and construction will continue in another two phases. The centre will offer an enhanced level of automation over a five- to seven-year period for processing flower products. It will begin with a semi-automated system with manual sorting before eventually becoming fully automated.

The Flower centre is capable of handling up to 150,000 tons of flowers and perishables.The centre, developed and automated have a floor area of about 100,000 square metres providing for export chambers and offices apart from product break down and buildup stations and automated sorting areas. The handling capacity of the centre is anticipated to exceed 300,000 metric tonnes of product throughput per annum. The cold storage facility at Dubai Flower Centre is fully bonded and measures 34,000 square metres. DFC currently houses around 19 tenants from 11 countries that offer a diverse range of products and varieties of cut flowers, plants, foliage, fruits and vegetables. Once fully operational it will serves as an international market with over two billion consumers.

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